Jeff Lawrence

Gay Jewish Brooklyn Nets fan recovering addict Stand Up Comedian Need to know more?

Advice for new comics breaking into Stand Up Comedy

To all new comics trying to break into stand up comedy, hats off to you. You are brave to try this even once. The road is long and arduous, but if you just keep getting up and never quit you will succeed. I started at about 40 years old, and was told I have no chance. I had been a performer my whole life, and I just wouldn't buy into that. I opened for years, featured, and finally I am now headlining; on the road, in the city, private events, and even foreign countries. I will still host if the pay is decent, and I will still feature even if in my heart I know I'm stronger than the headliner. I was willing to do anything to get on stage: produce, bark, design websites and flyers, trade, beg, rent a car at a loss, travel, pay, negotiate, live in debt for years, and even pray.

I just never quit, even though I think about quitting every day. Life has got to offer more than being surrounded by the drunk people I seek approval from nightly. What keeps me going is the laughter of those around me, and every show I try to make this about my audience, and not about me. I try, I'm not perfect, but I keep getting up, and eventually things take care of themselves. I thank everyone who gave me a spot and anyone who ever believed in me. Because, and trust me on this, most people won't believe in you. Many will be your friends, but with a little success you may find that many aren't. I truly believe If I can do this you can too, but you most devote your life to it. It's not a job, it's not a career, it's a lifestyle, and it's not for everyone. Whatever your goals, I wish you the very best of luck and success in your comedy journey.